Monday, November 13th @11:45AM

TDPUD customers are actively being targeted by phone scammers using a fake TDPUD caller-ID.  Scammers are calling claiming immediate disconnect if payment is not made over the phone.  Don't be fooled!  Call 530-587-3896 immediately if you have any questions or to report suspicious calls.


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The District purchases its energy through bilateral contracts with entities outside the Truckee area. Power is brought to the District's four substations and one metering point over Sierra Pacific Power Company's transmission system. It is then distributed over the District's sixteen individual circuits to approximately 12,500 electric customers.

The District serves electric customers in the downtown Truckee area, Gateway, Meadow Park, the Armstrong and Biltz Tracts, Donner Lake, Tahoe Donner, Sierra Meadows, Ponderosa Palisades, Ponderosa Ranchos, Prosser Heights, Prosser Lakeview, Grays Crossing, Sugar Pine Estates, Olympic Heights, Old Greenwood and portions of Glenshire. Liberty Energy and Pacific Gas and Electric serve surrounding areas.

Commercial customers are charged based on actual electrical use recorded on an electric meter. Currently, one rate for each class of customer determined by monthly power use and/or peak monthly demand is offered. More rate options are being investigated.

Residential customers are charged based on actual electrical use recorded on an electric meter.

The electric operations department is responsible for operating, maintaining, repairing and expanding our electric distribution system. The department has a responsibility to provide effective and efficient maintenance and replacement programs and to provide effective, efficient and safe operations.