Request for Bids

Interested in bidding on construction, service or maintenance projects?  Please contact the Contract Administrator to be added to a bidders list for the services you provide.  We welcome the opportunity to do business with you.

Bid Opportunities

Bid Title  Bid Opening Date  Bid Opening Time  Addendum(s)  Bid Results  Awarded Bidder
2019 AC Street Paving Repair  November 13, 2018  2:00 PM    Bid Opening Report Telfer Pavement Technologies 
2019 Paving Project  November 13, 2018  2:15 PM  # 1 Issued 10/25/18  Bid Opening Report  West Coast Paving, Inc.
2019 Slurry Seal Maintenance

 November 13, 2018

 2:30 PM  # 1 Issued 10/25/18  Bid Opening Report Snow Removal Solutions 
2019 Water Tank Cleaning & Inspection  November 13, 2018  2:45 PM  # 1 Issued 11/2/18  Bid Opening Report Inland Potable Services, Inc. 


Bidder's Responsibility - Please read before submitting a bid response.

If you download bid documents for a construction project from a plan room, you must notify the District that you plan to respond in order to receive any addenda or changes to the bid documents.  Failure to acknowledge addendums may subsequently disqualify you from the bid process.

Prevailing Wage Requirements

All workers employed on a public works project must be paid the prevailing wage determined by the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations, according to the type of work and location of the project.  

To find the current prevailing wage rate determination, please check the State of California Department of Industrial Relations website


What does Public Works mean?

Public works is construction, alteration, demolition, installation, or repair work done under contract and paid in whole or in part out of public funds.  It can include preconstruction and post-construction activities related to a public works project.  Additional information regarding Public Works laws are available on the DIR website,

Public Works Contractor Responsibilities

If you work or bid on a public works project, then you are considered a public works contractor.  This includes subcontractors.  Please refer to the State of California Department of Industrial Relations website for registration requirements,

Public Works Contractor Registration Program

Contractors must be registered with DIR before bidding, being awarded, or performing work on public works projects in California.  Contractors who work exclusively on small projects are not required to register as public works contractors or file electronic certified payroll reports for public works projects that do not exceed $25,000 for new construction, alteration, installation, demolition or repair and $15,000 for maintenance.