Assistance Programs

Energy Savings Program (ESP)

Has your family income dropped by 25% or more? Do you qualify for the Nevada County or other assistance programs?

If you answered yes to either of these questions you may be eligible for the Energy Savings Program (ESP). We have partnered with the Family Resource Center of Truckee to conduct the outreach for the ESP program and to qualify customers. Contact the Family Resource Center of Truckee at (530) 587-2513 to see if you qualify.

Features and Benefits

Learn how home comfort & energy efficiency go hand-in-hand.  Have our certified energy specialist assess your home to identify opportunities to reduce your energy and water bills and, best of all, it’s free!  In addition, receive a one-time credit on your bill equal to your largest electric bill in the past 12 months (up to $200).

Based on what you need, they will provide you with energy and water savings products to help you start saving immediately.  Products may include:

  • Up to 50 energy efficient LED light bulbs
  • Low-flow showerheads
  • Sink aerators
  • Weather stripping
  • Door sweeps
  • Hot water pipe insulation

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally funded energy assistance program. If you are qualified, LIHEAP may help you pay your utility bill. Assistnace amounts are determined by household size, income, heat source and the previous year's energy usage and availability of funds.

The program is administered by Project Go for Nevada and Placer County residents. If you qualify, the TDPUD will receive a check from LIHEAP to be applied as a credit towards your account. Contact Project Go at (916) 782-3443 to find out if you qualify for LIHEAP.

Budget Billing (EPP)

Budget Billing is provided through the TDPUD as our Equal Payment Plan (EPP). This is a great program if you want to know how much your bill will be, if you are on a fixed income or your frequently travel. EPP is not a way to save money. You should still monitor your usage. With this program, you will know what your bill will be each month to help you plan accordingly.

EPP begins in May of each year. The program works by estimating your yearly bill based on your past 12 months of usage and then dividing that amount into equal monthly payments over a 12 month period. Your EPP amount will be recalculated with your May bill. Customers still pay for all the energy they use during the plan year.

Participation requirements:

  1. You must be current on your bill before joining the program.
  2. You must pay ONLY the EPP amount each month. Your bill will show your actual usage charges.
  3. If you make a payment other than the EPP amount you will be removed from the program.
  4. If actual usage substantially exceeds the previous years usage, your EPP amount will be adjusted accordingly.

For added convenience, sign up for automatic payments and paperless billing.

Other Applicable Programs

Nevada County and other Programs

Nevada County has a utility bill assistance program for qualifying customers Click here. 
Check with your county of residence to see how they can help. 

Community Resources Brochure
This brochure contains a listing of local resources available in the Truckee-North Tahoe region that assist individuals and families in our community. Please contact them directly to verify eligibility and learn how they might help pay a bill, access health care, or respond to a crisis. 



  • Must be a TDPUD customer
  • Must meet Nevada County income qualifications or participate in a Truckee support program.