Business Lighting and Efficiency Programs

2019 Update – Due to new Federal Lighting Mandates set to begin in 2020, 2019 may be the last year to receive a rebate for commercial lighting retrofits.  If you are considering upgrading your business, please contact our conservation team to evaluate your opportunities.  

Business Green Partners

Replace old and inefficient light bulbs at no cost! 

 LED lighting offers considerable benefits including longer life, less energy use, precise directional lighting, decreased maintenance and instantaneous switch-on.  Our staff will work with you to survey the lighting at your facility, identify specific energy efficient lamps needed for their environment, provide samples of energy efficient replacement lamps, and then purchase the lights for your entire project. 



  • Program applies to screw in, GU10, GU5.3, and non-screw base luminaire (fixed recessed lights) lights only.  For LED linear retrofit kits, high/low-bay installations, or complete lighting retrofits, please see the Commercial Lighting Rebate below.
  • Only TDPUD business electric customers may qualify for this program.
Business Lighting Rebate

Retrofit the fixtures in your business to improve the lighting and take advantage of more efficient LEDs and  control technologies, and receive a rebate up to $0.30/kWh saved, including labor and material costs.  Rebates are calculated based on the achieved first year savings of the project.

Please contact our conservation team to evaluate your project and determine your project’s rebate. 


  • Only TDPUD business electric customers may qualify for this program.
  • Program does not cover support structures

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Program rules and Requirements

  • Rebate application must include:
    • Dated sales receipt/invoice by licensed electrician
  • Rebate application must be received within 90 days of purchase or service invoice.
  • Rebate not to exceed the cost of equipment.
  • Customer agrees to allow verification of make/model, efficiency & installation by an authorized District representative if requested.
Business Custom Rebate

Have a bigger project?  Contact the Conservation Department and we’ll work with you to calculate the savings potential and rebate of upgrading inefficient equipment.   


Conservation Department

Phone: 530-587-3896

Email: Conservation Department