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Second Home Owners

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Vacation Homes, Ski Leases & Rentals

Many of Truckee Donner PUD's customers are second homeowners and renters. 


If you rent your home to others, you can have the utility account automatically transferred back to you once the renter leaves. Please complete the Auto Transfer Form.

A property owner or his/her agent may authorize that service to their property be continued (automatic transfer) in the event that the current customer requests service be taken out of their name or be disconnected. The property owner or his/her agent shall remain responsible for all utility service charges whether or not the tenant has vacated the premises. Auto transfer customers must maintain good credit with the District in order to be able to continue with this service. (Section


Renters must present a copy of the first and last page of the lease agreement showing dates of the lease and the signature page. Please complete the Application for Residential Service

It is essential that the owner and renter advise Truckee Donner PUD when the renter's account begins and ends.

In the event a customer desires to transfer service into another person's name, such that the transferee is to become a customer, the transferee must make a separate service application and post the appropriate deposit. Written or verbal notice by a customer that he or she desires to transfer service into another person's name will not be recognized, and that customer shall continue to be individually responsible for all utility charges until such time as a new service application is completed and accepted, and the appropriate deposit received. (Section