Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Residential EV Charger Rebate 


 Install a Level 2 charging station and get a rebate up to $500.


  • Applicant must be a TDPUD customer with an active electrical account
  • Applicant must have an electric vehicle registered at TDPUD electrical service address

 Required Application Submission supporting documents:

  • Copy of charger receipt/invoice
  • Copy of installation receipt
  • Copy of DMV registration or car purchase/lease agreement showing electrical service address
  • Photograph of installed charger

Download the EV Charging Station Rebate Application


Charging Station Rebate Terms and Conditions

  • Applicant must be a TDPUD electric customer with an active TDPUD electrical account.
  • Electric vehicle must be registered with CA DMV at the address of an active TDPUD electric account.
  • Application must be submitted no later than FOUR months from the date of charger purchase and are accepted on a first come, first serve basis while funds are available. A rebate check will be mailed within 6-8 weeks of TDPUD receiving the application. 
  • Rebates are limited to one (1) rebate per residential account. If applicable, the applicant must have approval from property manager, owner, or homeowners’ association to install the charger.
  • Charger(s) must be Level 2 (240V) and utilize the SAE J1772 charging plug or Tesla’s High Power Wall Connector and be UL or equivalent listed. Chargers with greater capacity will be considered on a case-by-case-basis. 
  • Charger must be a new purchase with installation hardwired to the property’s electrical service.
  • The EV must be DOT approved for highway application. Golf carts, neighborhood carts, motorcycles, electric scooters or bicycles, and other low-speed vehicles are not eligible.
  • Installation of the charger must comply with applicable permitting requirements and the contractor used to perform the work must hold the appropriate license.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locations in Truckee